Lucky Strike Resort is located in Burnett County also know as the “Fishbowl of Wisconsin.” Just north of Webster, Wisconsin on beautiful, clean Devils Lake, which is one of the premier lakes in the county, if not the best! The thousand acre lake has a ton of structure as the depth changes from 26 feet to 8 or 9 feet in several spots.

The pan fishing is outstanding for bluegill and crappies! The size will satisfy you if not surprise you. I been here nearly 25 years and I still can’t believe the amount of fish that comes out of this lake! Our lake association and the DNR both stock this lake annually with walleyes. The northern pike and large mouth bass are also very abundant in the lake along with the walleyes.

There are several other opportunities for you to enjoy while you our in the neighborhood as Burnett County has more public land than it has owned land. There are ATV/UTV trails that you can catch right from the resort and can go for miles and miles. Find a huge wild life refuge of 30,000 acres to the west called Crex Meadows State Wildlife Area. It has many kinds of birds, mammals, butterflies, reptiles, amphibians and insects with miles of roads and several picnic areas, including a Visitor Center.

Very close to the Lucky Strike Resort is Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park and is located on 80 acres on the Yellow River. It has two 1802-1805 reconstructed fur trade posts and Ojibwe village with tours, the only one of its kind.

On the way to Superior to the north, in Pattison State Park and on the Black River, are two waterfalls you will not believe! Big Manitou Falls drops 165 feet and Little Manitou Falls drops 31 feet.


Forts Folle Avoine Historical Park, left; Loon, above; photos by Nancy Herman.


Big Manitou Falls, left; Little Manitou Falls, above; photos by Keith Arndt.